Multi Monitor Support for PHPStorm on MacOS Yosemite

I found very convenient to use a multi monitor support for PHPStorm on MacOS Yosemite to keep PHPStorm project tree, structure and debug windows on second monitor while developing. It’s pretty simple and well explained by JetBrains guys here. From benefits perspective it brings you more space to view project tree, easy to navigate and no need to switch windows to observe a real time debug.

But, of course, for MacOS, there is a bummer right out of the box. When I move floated windows to second screen, back to main project window and then click on any PHPStorm window on second monitor – it’s jump back to main window. This is quite annoying and kills the whole purpose of such a brilliant tool. If you struggle with the same issue – here is the fix for this:

Mission Control settings for multi monitor support

Just open System Preferences > Mission Control and uncheck Displays have separate Spaces option. And that’s it! Happy coding.

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Multi Monitor Support for PHPStorm on MacOS Yosemite
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